Our family audition for a large national Telco stills campaign Ulog #14

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Many of you might have read my original post that my DD was recently selected and now represented by a talent agency.
Well, we went to our first audition recently and it was very eye-opening!

The audition took place in the inner west of Sydney (trendy part of the city) and just like the stereotypes, it was at an old warehouse renovated to become a photo studio. Check out the pics below:


It was very very cool, but unfortunately I found out that we don't get paid for auditioning, we only get paid when chosen for the shoot. Ah! And unfortunately we didn't get picked. Oh wells, until next time I suppose!


WOW! This is cool..... who knows, I may just be Steemitbuddies with Australia's next huge hit's mumma <3

Haha thank you so much @mumma-monza! you're always so supportive!
I haven't been on here much, what's the trick to longevity on steemit, as in what makes you come back and write more?