Daily #Ulog No 2 : My Lastborn Sick With A Series Of Diseases

in #ulog4 years ago


Davies is his name. He is my sixth born and the lastborn of my family. It began with not having bowel movement over periods of time. He could go for upto a month without visiting the toilet. We continuously treated the stomach.

Then the eyes. They could swell and block. The ooticians could not find any abnormality. This was becoming complicated. X-rays, laboratory tests and ultrasound could not show the complications.

Yesterday, we took him to hospital again. He had a biopsy. He had an inflammatory colon and results were to take ten days.
We are waiting.

Yet today, his limbs are stiff and he cannot move them. The young man is in deep pain. Sickness denies families of peace and happiness. We are all in pain and need your prayers.


I wish your son a quick recovery @stbrians, will keep him and your family in my prayers.

Amen friend. I know the miracle will come from God. Thank you for standing with me and my family

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