#ulog 02 - I cannot do it but I will keep going when I can.

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Ulog day 2 - I cannot do it!

So here, I am writing Ulog day 2 on the morning of day 3. As previously mentioned in my first Ulog the time I get to write can fluctuate so much based on my daily schedule. On working days, I just do not have time to sit and write. I may have to start to develop a writing schedule to fit around my work/ leisure time that enables me to still log all of my days. I am going to persevere with the effort to create a daily Ulog and see how I get on.

Ulog day 2 was a work day. I work as mental health practitioner. This involves a lot of sitting around talking to people and writing clinical notes. Not much in the way of physical activity in my work role. After work I went straight to my local Gym. I was looking forward to the gym as I had been sat down all afternoon.


I have set myself an exercise goal of being able to run 5000 metres everyday, efficiently and with out over exertion. I have been progressing well with this goal but I have also been pushing the boundaries of this goal. As part of my goal progression I include a day a week were I run further than my 5 kilometres. Another part of my goal progression is to run in bare feet and build up the distance I can run in bare feet.


Barefoot running helps to improve running form. The idea is that your feet will feel pain and discomfort if you run with poor form or posture. The pain and discomfort will provide feedback to help you adjust your body posture and foot strike (foot strike is how your foot hits the floor while running).


By running in bare feet I am shifting more of the work to my calf muscles. Calves are doing what they would be doing If had never worn soft cushioned running shoes. My Calves are now acting like shock absorbers and the spring propulsion system to drive me forward. There is a lot of debate about the impact of running shoes compared to bare feet on knee joints and hips. For me it makes sense to strengthen my calves and shift the impact of running to my muscles and away from joints.


Last time I went to the gym, I completed my normal 5000 kilometres but I then did an extra 3 kilometres to make it a long (for me) run . Plus I did 2000 of the total 8000 metres in bare feet.


My calves are so tired from my previous workout that today I have difficulty walking up or down the stairs. When I got to the gym I began by setting the treadmill for a 5.0 kilometre run. I was apprehensive about whether my legs would hold me up for the full 5000 metres. Needless to say I did not manage even 1000 metres before my calves were cramping. I gave up on my running for the day and pottered around the resistance machines in the gym.

I miss running so much when I am not able to run. Running makes me feel so good. Not only do I feel good when I am running but I feel great after I have ran. I feel like my mind is clear and calm, almost serene.


As soon as my legs are recovered I will be back to it. I cant wait!