Life's Roadblocks ~ Ulog 67

in ulog •  6 months ago

Today I talk about what it's like to come up against roadblocks. How they have been affecting me. What usually happens and what is happening now.

Oh, and I'm a fox with glasses in this video because...... well, because if you can be a fox why would you not?

Have a great day everyone!!
See you all soon!

Make someone smile today. It can not hurt you.



sorry @nathanmars I cannot get Dtube to work and I have been trying

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A roadblock solution for you ;-)


Foxy lady!

Roadblocks suck. They come up a lot. "How many roads do you go down before you give up?" As many as it takes.

Love you. You're not alone! And you're the foxiest fox I've ever seen with glasses. ;)

Woot woot! Sessy fossy😋

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