#ulog (Life @ 004): Meet My Internmates

in #ulog5 years ago

It's a great day since I am having great time with great people. We've been working together for weeks already in a weather station. Little by little, as we are learning things about our work, we also learn things about each other.


There is a saying that states, "no man is an island". In this internship, we stood as a proof of that theory. Every work becomes easier when we work together. There are sometimes we are in need to find ways to solve some problems. Each of us has our own point of views and as we combine them together, it is a boom!


I want you to meet these guys. Each of us has our own personality and being different from each other makes us better.

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Every day we learn something new and that is wonderful. We acquire knowledge that we will put into practice in due course.
Good luck ... and greetings to all companions.

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