Poem from a Broken Heart No. 36

in #ulog4 years ago


I sit next to you and bleed
hard plastic chairs, our elbows
bumping up against your scent
heart raging to fire unexpectedly
the woman behind us takes your hand
caresses it the way I want to.
Caresses it like she wants
to nestle her face in your folds
to tongue your dark passages
like she could tread the path
we were walking a minute together.

I stare toothpicks into her skin.
You erased my claim on you
but I will still cut a bitch
and I want to cut you, bitch
so I’m not bleeding alone,
so this sticky ache is a promise;
life rather than the death of hope.
Why did you give me up?
you beautiful fool. I am made for travel
Blot the blood. Ignore the stain.
We could have journeyed together.


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The poem is nice, the dark purple lipstick as sultry and sexy as it is, is even better, but I'd like to see the load, bright, red lipstick with that suggestive smile on your face that says, "yeah, I look hot, and you're a fool that will never taste these lips again"
Perhaps then a post on "girl power and lipstick."
And yes, I'm intentionally planting subconscious ideas in your mind to let you know you are awesome.... You have all the power in the world, take it, or take it back, whichever applies.

Thank you for this @spozone. Writing through it did the trick. I followed your advice on the lipstick Saturday night and met someone new. ?!?!? LOL. I was really not looking at all. Now trying to be cool because she's wow and I'm still spinning from the shock of connecting with someone when I was all set to just feel sad for a month or more. I guess a week and some intensive writing was enough. I'll keep that in mind for future heartbreak?

Glad to hear it. It's OK to be sad for a day or two after a loss. One of my most favorite instructors in college went on a rant one day and coined this phrase: Know that Love is a process, Not a destination. Brilliant! Sure we all have expectations but the language is important; him can a relationship "Go" anywhere? It's not a thing to possess, it can't get up and walk around, it is not a noun. It's a stretch to expand beyond expectations and accept the fact that a relationship is more like an adjective, or a verb, perhaps an adverb, but we tend to say it's not going this way or that. They do however, end or cease to be what we perceived them to be and off times that creates a certain degree of angst that is translated as pain. Love is such a fickle thing, so wrought with so many kinds of feelings and emotions. Celebrate it when it is in your arms, mourn for it in it's missing, but love yourself through it and all will be fine.

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