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Someone has to be the cook. 👨🏻‍🍳

In our house I have become the chef and I will admit that it was not by choice. My mother made sure that I knew how to cook when I left for the military at 18, but it has never become a hobby of mine. I got very efficient making the simple meals that young men live off of and that has been the extent of my cooking prowess until now.

My girlfriend grew up in a family where her father did all of the cooking. Therefore she has no idea what she is doing in the kitchen lol. So when you combine my very basic skills with her lack of knowledge you get frozen pizzas and ready made meals most nights of the week. Gordon Ramsay would shake his head in disgust.

As you can expect that got old very quick and is not by any means a healthy approach to life. After a few months of lackluster meals for the two of us I decided it was time to step our game up. Now we are in no way, shape, or form "good cooks", but I would say we've made some positive strides on the journey thus far.

The best part of it all is that we are doing this as a team. Throughout the week my girlfriend and I will browse the internet in search of healthy dinners that we can get into the kitchen and cook together. So I figured I would share with you our pick for tonights dinner.

BBQ Salmon w/ Zucchini Noodles 🍲

I'm a big fan of fish so it was an easy choice when we came across this BBQ salmon recipe. We did decide to buy pre-marinated BBQ salmon that was on sale at the supermarket, which made the meal that much easier to throw together. The zucchini noodles can be purchased as well if you aren't about that life. After a little more slicing and dicing of tomatoes, avocados, and lemon the entire meal was complete in 30 minutes.

The recipe was a hit! My girlfriend and I really enjoyed all the different flavors in the bowl as they complimented each other very well. It's also nice walking away from the table knowing you went with the healthy dinner option. I'd recommend everyone give the recipe a go regardless of your experience in the kitchen. My photo doesn't give the meal justice so be sure to checkout the link above for mouth watering pictures. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Sunday dinner was just as good as ours.


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I think that looks amazing. I grew up in a household where my dad was an amazing cook as well. Everyone talks about his cooking. I’m horrible in the other hand. With my wife just having another kid it’s hard for her to cook. We are currently eating a lot of pbj!


I live off of PB & J too! haha

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