ULOG #3 Friday. Low of 5 to 10 kilos and mold your body with this surgery without scalpel, without pain, rest or post surgery, follow the plan that you propose in your free evaluation and begins to lose weight and measures.

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You wanted to lose a few kilos, you stayed waiting to see how it was with my goal of losing weight quickly, because I tell you, animate and achieve it too.

Good afternoon Friends, I am a little lost, the routine of the day to day, they have me between exhausted and busy, I tell them that I go very well with my weight loss plan. I almost achieved the goal and I have just finished half of my plan and lose 7 kilos of weight. All this thanks to the Bioform treatments, the help and advice of the girls that daily help me with the treatment and also thanks to the fact that I have followed the nutritional plan and the monitoring of hydration and diuretics.

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I would like to know your nutrition diet plan


You can visualize a little the basic menus that you publish in the post where you announce my plan, I will try to look for the mail and see how I do so you can visualize it a bit, but it is in Spanish.


The basic thing is to know what times favor you certain foods and in what hours it hurts you, drink enough water at least 2 liters a day, be aware of eliminating it in the urine, carbohydrates should be comprehensive and only in the mornings and lunch when you can incorporate, the proteins for the mornings are those that do not contain much fat, including dairy, for lunch and dinner should be more white or red meats, lean, many salads and fruits to balance the diet, in my case starting the plan, I eliminate carbohydrates from lunches and dinners, until they authorize me, but I substitute them with my favorite vegetables, more or less as you can see in the menus I went up.

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I have been 8.3 kilos less, to see how it goes tomorrow. So far I am very happy with the results obtained
Something like that ;-)