ULOG #1Monday of Nostalgia. The importance of the Family An Almost Perfect Day. My Birthday in 2014.

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Hello, Friends I have been somewhat absent, because I am sick, today many thoughts cross my mind, my birthday is approaching tomorrow, and I think; in which over time, we learn to value the family, in my case every day I value it even more, because I have always been very familiar and thank God I was always able to enjoy my family, even though at an early age I had to leave as many of my people to look for a better future, because no way I have to go to distant lands to study and be professional, which made me move more and more away from mine, and nowadays I am a public accounting professional in free exercise , wife and mother of a small girl of almost 5 years old (she will meet them next month)

Here I am far from my land and mine, that's where I tell you, how important it is to be in contact and especially close to the family, to share special moments, that I'm always missing, (not only, I say it for the one of tomorrow, which is mine to be born and of my parents for being released as parents with me, that we are far and we can not be together); that is why the one who has them near you, enjoy them as much as you can, I have been sad and depressed for days, because I can hardly share with my family; my parents, brothers and nephews reside in the east of the country and I am here the day before my birthday, something nostalgic, because I am the one that is farthest, here in this concrete jungle that is the capital of this beautiful country, where I have noticed that the city dwellers are so different in their family relationships for different reasons that I prefer not to mention, for this I just want to tell my followers thank you for following me, even though I have not had more opportunity to spend more quality time to write and publish my content, or review theirs, then I will update, thank God I am better health, soon I return my beloved diary from here, I have several photos on my phone that I want to share here.

For now I will upload one of the most memorable photos of my birthday in recent years; a very special and almost perfect, which was what motivated me to write today.


It's almost perfect because my mom is missing, dad, besides my brothers and family</ center>

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