ULOG 076 - One more day before the weekend

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ULOG the log about you!

I'm longing for the weekend already! I want some more breakfast in the backyard with the rocket stove hahaha. This weekend we are planning to go to Cabramatta to buy some preserved sweet star gooseberries and other Vietnamese food for the mid-Autumn Festival (Tết Trung Thu) which will be on Monday Sept. 24th this year.

Tomorrow 6 am AEST, I'll be the guest interviewer at @pennsif's Here Comes The News show on #mspwaves on the PAL Discord Server. I will be interviewing @crypto.talk the creator of @partiko this amazing new Steem Dapp for mobile phones. I've been using this app for couple of weeks now and it feels great compare to other existing apps I've tested. You might have noticed more and more comments on Steem have the Partiko signature on them. This will be the first time I would be interviewing someone and it is exciting and scary at the same time!

After dinner, I had a long chat with @surpassinggoogle about some of his future projects and ideas. This man's brain always at high speed boiling with ideas. Despite health issues and the loss of his mum, Terry still can find enough strength to continue to support the others, ignoring his own pains.

I will keep it short tonight as I need to get to sleep and wake up before 6 am for the Here Comes The News show

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