#Ulog 6 -May 15, 2018-Reports Day for Amazon Virtual Assistants

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My Fellow Virtual Assistants
Today marks my 5th Ulog in Steemit. I can say that I am not that really active here because my hands are already full doing a lot of income streams.

I have been a virtual assistant for #Amazon for a month and today I will be doing a lot of reports for my 12 clients.My clients are mostly Americans, one Canadian and one European.

This day marks how well we did in every accounts that we are handling.To be a virtual assistant has been a challenging journey for my brain to train. I had taught myself to love numbers and somehow to have that nearly photographic mind in details.

I woke up early today and while having my coffee I was already in front of my computer doing my task.As of the moment I wasn't finished yet, but I missed writing in my Steemit account already.So I logged out first an took time writing some blogs.

In my next blog, I will be giving some tips and insights on how to start your Virtual Assistant Career. I'm still on training stage and there's so much to learn for me. I want to be fully equipped with the needed skills once I'll start sharing it for free.

Soon, I can help you guys.

Thank You for Reading!
June 15, 2018 @ 4:15 pm


I thank @iwrite and @purpledaisy57 for mentoring me.
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how I wish I could do that but since I can't I'll stay with #steemit :)

Wow you have great write-up ulog.

Hi Passing by And Upvoted you :) !
“Famine sometimes increases the number of people who are overweight.” ====> Mokokoma Mokhonoana

I missed doing this. It is been a year that I am not into my Virtual Assistant career path. Shifting of career is really a bit difficult but I wanted to have a come back.

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will wait for your next blog sis. Need to have an extra income.

What is a virtual assistant?

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