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It's not about content but it is about money and popularity so my title 'Who Cares' lives on and will continue to live on > as long as Whale eat the Minnows (newbies with good content) like they do. Steemit your Hot and Trending Content Page should have more #Minnows > #Dolphins with good content on it.


I use my own pictures > video or public domain and work hard to change them around so they don't look the same.


but . . . WHO CARES > STEEMIT > that I've been sick and am in recovery and all this content takes me more time?


#Esteem > @goodkarma helps me out when I use their mobile app.
But . . I can't use it all the time'


That helps but I have to use them . . . so my average post is a dollar and under and that's for my time, my imagination, my skill, knowledge and on and on, blah, blah, blah. It's worse for a newbie who has original work.
who lives in the 3rd world.


ARRRRRRRRG I know others feel like I do. I'm more than depressed ...


I have #teardrops for the #minnows and #dolphins that have good content.


Who cares about the awesome artist that gets near to nothing for their original work (if they don't have #steemgigs) and meanwhile the whales, who have a single picture > they copied with few words >
gets near hundred and more dollars.


#ulog Thank You for you helping others.


I could go on and on but I won't.
The only one I see that is powerful helping out #steemit community is
@surppassinggoogle (there might be more > but I don't see them.)


#Steemit keep letting the #Bullies, few, #whales drain the #pool and pick on the new #members > even using bots. The good news. . . . we, now, have other choices to pick from. The choice for MOST of us will be more positive like #Stishit and many others. There are platforms that will make a difference in our world > which #Steem promised most of us > NOT just a few who #Steemit blesses over and over, again.


#Steemit surprise most of us and show a little love for good content from #minnows or #dolphins.

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I put these pictures in Creative Commons Attribution so Steemians can use them. E N J O Y !


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Aww, Cheer up! You just got find a community that loves you for who you are :) I know that is hard to do it took me forever to do. Even then I had to take up a major role to help them out so they could help others out. I can at least say it has warmed my heart and renewed my sprit in putting so much time and effort into a community.

I tend to not give trending a rats blank most of the time. It’s not worth the aggravation over it. Far to many stress over it. It just bought and paid for by buying votes. A rep 25 account with enough funds could get into trending and stay there for days. In fact a few have done it that way and they lose quite a lot of money as they are scammers and people downvote the daylights out of them.

If you have not drop a friendly/caring comment recently on surpassinggoogle recent blog in 24 hours I think he sure could use a few more hugs. He is carrying so much weight there only so much one person can do. He needs strength as well he can't do it all.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find some inspiration to take more of those wonderful photos you take and edit them in an amazing way.

Wish I could do more for you but I’m struggling to keep on top of everything I’m involved in. All I can do is send some virtual hugs /hug.


You are so good to me, @enjar. They appreciate me over at Stishit so I have a positive place to go and there are others like ono. It's just hard to see the carnage but more are finding their place where they can make money and peace. I will write more when I am up to it and thanks for the heads up on @surpassinggoogle.
Good thing I don't drive!


Enjar the Bully Whales frustrate me.

It has been that way though, newbies have always little reputation and steem power to start with. You'll get more profits and earn more everytime you increase your reputation and sp. Still, congratulations on your first ulog! Just enjoy steeming and we'll eventually get to that point. I'm a newbie as well. My suggestion is that you should try to post daily (if possible), find a community that suits your desired content you want to publish and engage on other people. Through comments you get noticed more quickly and you gain followers that way too. The ulog family is also there for people like us who just started steeming. Welcome to the ulog family and Godbless!! :)


" I am reminding myself to focus on #ulog . . .
attracting more good into my life…”
Thank you.

Ohh.. you are so sweet @pitterpatter!! You have so much care and love for minnows. I hope Steemit will respect good content one day, irrespective of whale or just a minnow.


Soon I hope but I'm not holding my breath!

ULOGS I liked for the healings that have given to many users but I'm also with you when you mean we should have more #Minnows in our steem community, I feel there are great posts that are not considered or valued enough.


#Steemit loss when they rather value copied work that takes less than a minute.


It may be true :(

I was also thinking the same til I bumped into ulog posts. By the way i like your picture that says "This blog contains human generated content". Can i use it?



Wow this is cool, thanks so much! 😊


NOT cool you do two with the second being lame
. . . . . . but I think I understand.


It's not mine and I don't know who it is so
YES and if you find who did it let me know so I can credit them, too.

I was thinking the same thing for months until I convinced myself that the level of rewards or votes will always focus on the reputation or level of SP beyond the content level. I have seen several articles that have 20 words, one image and they already get a lot of profits. Something not very fair.


It will be fair when you get someone like @surpassinggoogle doing it.

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I'm doing www.stishit.net and #ulog.
That seems to help. #steemit is still depressing
and you do know your reply seems like spam.

I say we do our best together to achieve success and positive possitivity.