ULOG [#46]: Created Opera Crypto Wallet on Android

in #ulog2 years ago

Opera Crypto Wallet

While browsing online using Opera on my Android phone, I noticed that crypto wallet is already available so I created one but I haven't tried using it.


If you are a generous reader with fat Ethereum wallet, you can send some donations to my ETH address above and help me test it. Hahaha!

Oh... Maybe I could try using my Opera ETH Receive Address when claiming airdrops from now on.

Have you heard or tried Opera Crypto Wallet?


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Congratulations @pinay
I'm happy for you ❤️

Aba e hindi naman yata erc-20 compliant yan...

Nako mahaba ata yan. 😂 Ginagawa ko p ung movie review jusko kung mabilis lang gawin e. Haaaay.

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