Case Study Review: Live at CMDA

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Well today was a very interesting day, actually it started in a boring way but it ended well, to God be the glory.
I attended Christian medical and dental association(CMDA) monthly meeting with @valchiz and there we reviewed a case. The case study review was about a 400 level student named Theo. He has been having financial challenges with only a small amount gotten from home. He is considering starting a business venture but is also concerned about his ability to cope academically, having had some academic challenges in the past exams. How would you advice Theo.
The class was a very interactive one with different opinions, some people said there is time for everything he should focus more on his academics and leave business when he's eventually done, he can then do business based on the fact that he has academic challenges probably a carry over in some courses, well that suggestion too was okay but @valchiz made a brilliant suggestion that caught my attention, he said we have 24hrs in a day, we use at most 7 or 8 hrs to sleep in a day, having 16hrs remaining, if he takes 6hrs to read in a day, he can still meet up with his academics, having 10hrs remaining as free time, that free time can be used for business and for personal use, he also made us understand that business is not only about buying or selling, there is more to business, he said Theo can learn a skill, and put it into use, for example graphics designing, programming and all sort doesn't cost much time and energy, it's something he can do at the comfort of his home and still make his money fighting any financial challenge and also have time to study, so therefore Theo can be in school and still run a business...... Very interesting.. Hope you learnt something, you can also advise that your friend that is school and also having financial challenges.
Oh I realized I didn't talk about my hair, I made it yesterday, hope it's beautiful 😍😀


CMDA was really interesting today, thanks for forcing me to go 😀

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