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The ginger juice is still under still under testing, we can't proceed on the next thing since it hasn't give us what we want. I, director and one of our sales representative were inside the laboratory for hours making different testings and getting different results

We made the tests with laboratory chronicles tube and test tube, I can't make any shot cos phone is not allowed inside the laboratory. Despite all the tests we made, still didn't get what we want but a sample has been sent from Germany which may help us tomorrow

We left work early by 2pm since we can't continue with the work and headed to bank. I and @oxygenbaba
Bank do close here by 4pm and after that time, no one would be allowed to enter so its already just 5 minutes to 4 so we need to run cos where we were is still far to the bank so we reached bank at exactly 4pm and some seconds so were are allowed to enter.

The bank name is GTBANK

We cashed some money, but @xygenbaba went home straight while I headed to my grandmother house. Its an opportunity to see her since i have time today, only God knows when i will see such chance again cos i cant have time, i will be so busy with our new company. Up to two hours journey with fast cars. I reached there by 6pm and sent like ten minutes with her and left so as to reach home back early (a market I passed when I was coming from grand ma plece)

I reached home by 8:48pm and momma prepared rice and stew with egg for dinner and we ate.

I watched Columbia vs England that lead to penalty for luckily England IMG_20180703_212623.jpg
qualified for quarter final and came to Steemit after the match to make Posts and make replies and now on bed preparing to sleep

thanks for reading

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