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Thanks to @surpassinggogle for the #ulog initiative where we can share about our day daily, you are a sweet leader.

My day started with a rush to the family house this morning....did you just ask me why? Yes, I will tell you why. I actually had to rush down to family house this morning to iron some gum stay to some fabrics as I am expected to finish a cloth today, the owner is traveling by 12 and I've got a CDS rehearsal by 9am.

The Organisation in charge of nasarrawa street , Gusau decided not to restore our light since 3 days now and it's making us think maybe it has developed a fault from the transformer or step down because other buildings have light.

Thank God there was light at the family house, I was able to iron and charge my phone a little then i rushed down home and I discovered it was past 8 already! Ah! I still have a long way to go with this cloth now for God's sake. I had to switch off my phone and went this charge with money at a commercial centre.

imagewhen I was going to deliver the cloth

Gbam! the cloth was done and delivered but let me check the time, whoooop! Its 11:30am Jesus!. I ran out boarded bike to rehearsal and they were still on it, although I carried strong face so that they won't challenge me only a few of them detected my trick.

imagewhen I entered the rehearsal compound

Thank God for a successful rehearsal and from there I headed home to relax a little and thought of a style to do with the next fabric, many coming still thinking the most suitable one that will match the person's height and complexion and from there I went to NCCF family house for the special supernatural teachings that we started yesterday and from there now I am here typing.

imageAfter rehearsal

I remain @oladayoamusan, thanks for reading my blog


Stressful day and you still fine like this. Kontinue
running away

You better run o

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The Lord is your strength

Amen o, thanks bro

stressful day -- some days are like that

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