People Will Be People! (Sharing Thoughts, U-log)

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Rather than have a whinge here, I am going to say it as I see it without the "whinging", or at least try to.

I find it amazing that no matter how much many of us try to be independent and not behave like a mob or fall into the mob mentality, there are always those who do.

There are always those who literally depend on the mobs, no matter if they are the ring leaders or the suckers who serve their masters (the ring leaders).

We are all individuals and as such e are al unique, there is no need to try and be like anyone else.

It is impossible to be identical to anyone else out there.

So, why is it that so many people with their God given individuality just throw all their uniqueness down the drain or into the septic tanks of mobs all for the sake of trying to be part of the mobs?

idk, I seriously don't get it.

Now, I am no person with any right to throw the first stone. Damn, if anyone has made mistakes in their life IT WAS ME!

So many in fact that I truly believe I am doomed once I go into the afterlife.

My joke about this is the following:

"That I need a crowbar put into the coffin with me, no coins on my eyes, just a crowbar, so that I can beat my way up to pearly gates and then crack it open with my Stanley crowbar!"

Just my sick sense of humour at its finest! (again).

Moral of the story = I am not judging, I am trying to understand wtf it is all about when I see some people doing their utter best to hurt each other deliberately, who constantly need to be the centre of attention and who knows what all not.

Life on this earth is way toooooo short to waste on negativity. (end of that story)

Enjoy life, try to do good and when, or if, you notice anyone doing something that you feel is not good, talk to them, try and communicate with them. If you see that there is no point in that, at least try to understand them. But please don't JUDGE. It won't get us anywhere if we start judging. All that leads to is the "mob mentality" and yes, throwing stone, flinging mud and anything else we can think of or find to chuck at them!

I hope this little U-log in which I am sharing thoughts is not taken the wrong way, my halo has dead batteries and no, I don't see myself or anyone I've ever known to date to be holier than The Pope in Rome.


Yours truly,

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Lol...your joke about the crowbar was just what I needed to feel bit better bout this thing called life.

Love your blogs.


Idk either 🤔

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Like the hippies in the 60’s who were conforming in their unconformity..

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