Always The Foreigner! Sharing Thoughts (U log)

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You know, too many people feel sorry for themselves and use the fact that they are foreigners or children of foreigners as an excuse for those emotions.

I used to in some ways, many times.

Yet I had the best of both worlds When I look back.

Can't really complain about that.

However, at the end of the day, What am I?

My conclusion is the following:

My Nation are my wife and children.

My loyalties are crystal clear, 100% to them and them alone.

The place that they live is = HOME.

& a family HOME must be protected at all cost, no questions asked.

Being a parent is a lot more than just ensuring the material needs of children, although at times it seems that we all fall into the rabbit hole of stressing out over this and preoccupying ourselves with this.

Being a husband or a wife is likewise a lot more than any material wealth, again, an intriquite part of this relationship which seems to be lost in way too many sitautions. Like for example when the bills come in during tax time and everything mounds up to a point where once again we are preoccupied with material things and our minds are swayed from the importantce of the bond that the holy sacrament of Marriage is.

We've all done it, there is not a person that I know or heard of who can claim that they are not guilty of getting some things like "priorities" all messed up in life. Even if it was for a split second.

Maybe there is someone who can claim that they have NEVER done anything like that, but I highly doubt it!

Why is it that we all get so overwhelmed with the evils that money brings upon us?

What is it that drives us to place earthly riches which are in fact worthless to us as humans when it comes to our inner beings.

I hope that I am saying what I feel in a way that is understandable, not sure about it, too often I don't succeed in saying things in an effective manner or worse yet people read out of it things that never crossed my mind. Twist things around and literally take one sentence or even a portion of a sentence and twist the entire series of thoughts into something they never were.

idk, and then ofcourse I feel like a foreigner, because what I say is not understood or twisted so that is is misrepresented to those who actually would like to know the true inner thoughts of my being.

How many times have we all fealt alienated because of something along those lines?

Truly foreigners, even on the most inner, personal and individual levels.

Almost hopeless, as it seems that earthly riches are what some people strive for and in that path that they choose upset the ability for others to be who they really are.

What is is that can be done to helpp us all be the individuals that we really are and as such accept each other as such?

Obviously it isn't "the (un)holy dollar".

idk, always feel like the foreigner on every level, yet I can't complain, because when I realise just how good I have it, nothing is as bad as what it seems when looking at the real reality of things and not at the artificial reality that has the "$" sign in front of it.

The other day a person I consider to be a good man, sent me a link to something that I thought was very interesting.

Can't say that he and I agree upon all the "little details" and even sometimes on the "grand picture", yet we seem to share a common view on humanity and how we are enslaved by those who control the "$" (fiat economies).

Here is that link:

Again, not something that I wish to "promote" as such, but what I do want to promote is the "thinking out of the box"!

Something that seems to be one of the most difficult things to do as we are literally "programmed" to think in certain ways and too often can't see anything outside of what we think we know.

I won't go on with these thoughts, somehow I feel as if even these thoughts are way too much and shall once again make me the "eternal foreigner" in this world that surrounds me.

I hope that you can just accept me and everyone for the individuals that we are and not judge us because of our differences.

As I say: "I try not to judge, I try to understand".


Yours truly,

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