#ulog90: At Brother Emeka's Wedding

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Good evening,

I have something very interesting to share with you all. It's about a brother: Brother Emeka who just wedded. Looking at the wedding, I learnt some vital lessons:
(1) *Relationship requires perseverance: I must admit that, everything will not always work out as you hoped or planned. That is just the way life is. Well, as I am typing this post right now, one popular lyrics by Tupac just came back to mind. I am very sure you might know it, too. It goes like this:
"That just the way it is, things will never be the same (X2).... Oh yeah.... " ~Tupac

Well, things won't always be perfect with you in a relationship. That just the way it is!

The lady in question persevered through all odds and trials. And today, they ended up couples!
(2) Patience is vital: I used to say patience as the act of waiting. But, patience isn't only about waiting. It is how you behave while you wait. It's the attitude behind the waiting that makes us see someone as patient. This lady was patient for the groom's family to completely accept her. And, eventually, they did!

Patience is very vital, because if you don't have patience, you may plant the tree but, you won't eat the fruits. The impatient is always rewarded because patience is rewarding!

You must learn to acquire those two qualities: perseverance and patience!

I know that both perseverance and patience are both used as synonyms sometimes, but; both are not the same in this post.

Perseverance is enduring the trouble while patience measures forming and maintaining a good attitude in the trouble.


Thanks for reading this article of mine. I really appreciate the time you put in to read and digest this writeup!

And never forget, that in the end; it is what you achieve that counts and not all the troubles you had to scale through to achieve it. So, it's all worth the patience and perseverance....

Once again, thanks for reading!


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