Ulog 008: I found an easy site for GIF Making (One of the best ways in beautifying your signatures in your blogs)

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Hi there fellas!

Yesterday has been a hiatus for my blog, I was just thinking about some stuffs in my life. I have spent my day stalking accounts and chattting some of my virtual friends. Plus spending time in the horizon of the dreamland, I just keep on sleeping 🤪.

What’s the good thing about visiting other accounts is that I had discovered some cool stuffs especially this one 👇🏻.


Woah! This is really cool. I have been looking for websites that offer gif making and I thank destiny that I have met the account of @bitrocker2020 just today.

Since I am still amazed with its cool stuffs I can’t end the day without sharing it to you.

GIF Making is made easy!

First, you will enter the text that you want to have in your signature. The only problem here is on what words will you put. Haha! Been so excited on my first ever made gif that’s why it took me so long on deciding what words will I use.

Second, there is a variety of font styles that you can choose from. You just need to click your desired style. The best stuff will only depend on you as a user and maybe a style that will define your personality can make your gif even cooler. Have fun thinking on what style you want to have!

Third, put colours to your signature by selecting it here. There are a lot of color scheme available which made this gif maker a one of a kind. I have tried browsing other gif maker and they just don’t have a variety of colours like this one.

We’re almost done as we go through the Fourth Step. Choose from more or less a hundred of animated figurines that will represent you or your personality in your signature. You may have a headache choosing from these many animated figures 😂.

Lastly, you just need to click “Create” button to complete your gif. But wait, no need to worry if you are still undecided with your design because you will be asked to preview and confirm it here 👇🏻


You just need to click download to save your gif, send message, or click back if you are not yet satisfied with the one you’ve made.

Final verdict

A gif site making that is free, easy to use, and with many cool stuffs to choose from. Over-all, this is such perfect to those who don’t know how to make gifs. I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to beautify their blogs by putting a cool signature at the end of their write-ups.

You may check out the website here:


I would also like to promote the blog of @bitrocker2020 in a way of thanking him for sharing this one. Please feel free to show your support to this blog below:


Thanks for reading! I hope this can help you.



Hala nindot ni da. Sige gyud ko wonder unsaon nas uban ilang signatures. Thanks for sharing ken

Hahaha... lage Shei... maygani nakita na nako sa atong part time job HAHAHHAAHAH

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH start nata hunting ken XD

HAHAHAHAAH sureness. Can’t wait to see afam hunting na initiative BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH murag ma top guro ta ana Shei.

Hala nice kaau Sir! Mo try sad q beh. Lamar ani.

Yes ms nice jhud kaayu. Yey! You’re welcome.

Yey. Great. Thanks for this. I can finally insert a little decor to my blog. Haha

Yay! You’re welcome. I’ve been looking for this one also... thanks for stopping by.

Oh this is amazing! Thanks for sharing @morken.

You’re welcome...

@morken I think this is calling you HERE

Thanks gav.... yes I am already a member of steemiteducation. I’m having a hard time in participating the homeworks because of our errands for the upcoming SMILE PROJECThere in Cebu. We have a lot of things to prepare for that one. I really love to participate and I thank you for reminding me.

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