Ulog #5 : "I believe I can Dance"

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We held our town hall session yesterday to discuss about our business operations, how we grow in recent months, awarding of top performers and of course intermission number.

I was part of a group to perform intermission number to dance, it took us 1 hour of practice every day for the last 3 days to master our moves. On our first day we talk about what music to dance and practice our step with the help of youtube, 2nd day we added 2 more dance music to give variety of differenr genre of our dance. The third day is when we combined all 3 dance music all together and memorize our moves and mixing formation.

An hour prior to the event, we held our final practice and hoping that we remember all our moves and formation.

Our audience are yelling with a smile while we are having fun doing our moves. This is a portion of our dance move that was captured by one of the audience and send to be via viber.

I saved it to my you tube channel so I can post here and sharw to everyone.

After our presentation, all I can say is that, "I believe I can still Dance"



Wow sir. Sana ako din matuto sumayaw. Haha!

Hahaha.. Kaya mu yan.. Ako nag try lang jan... Kakatawa nga hahahha.. Pareho kanan paa ko hehheh

Hahaha. nako what more kapag ako pa sumayaw jan, baka di ako makatapos ng isang song. Hahaha

ang cuuute! hahaha pati ng choice of song. marunong ka naman sumayaw sir haha

Hahaha... Madalian nga n praktis waahh, insert lang yan sa busy schedule namin waaahh.. Thanks p din, pa contest k kaya ng dance, kahiy u talented dance d b... What u think. Senxa n inde ako masyado maka contribute sa bulacan group very busy talaga...

hahaha nako sir ako mismo d marunong magsayaw eh hahaha! sing or dance siguro pwede hahaha

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