#Ulog 4: Family Night Out

in #ulog6 years ago

Mabuhay (hello) Steemians....This is my fourth #ulog entry hosted by our beloved Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle.


Last weekend we (my family) went to watch Marvel's Infinity War at some mall in Cavite.
While waiting for the said movie in the lobby, we can't help ourselves to take pictures or groufies..lol.


The movie is a non stop action and suspense which is really a thumbs up, can't wait for the part 2. You should all watch it...it's really worth your money.


Great pictures, @mhel! I saw the movie this weekend too! It was awesome and we loved it!


Thanks Denise @dswigle ...I missed you

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Beautiful friends for sure.

Thanks...They're my family actually

Great entry for today .all is beautiful

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