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Actually I was sitting on a veranda waiting for a friend to show up so we could move out. Suddenly this inspiration came light a flash of light. Without waisting time, I quickly brought out my sketch book and made a sketch of this - a depressed and drunk guy.


It's about a young dude who is blessed with great talent in music but still finding it difficult to succeed in his pursuit due to the poor economic system and the environment he found himself.

This made him became grieved, hopeless and depressed. He now takes alcohol and smoke in order to ease his pains and grieve.

See progress shots





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I love your artwork, and the stories behind it! Isn’t it something when there comes a flash of inspiration ❣️Bless you


Thanks a bunch...bless you too.

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Wow thanks the support. Will use it in my upcoming post.
Am greatful...

Your art work always have beautiful stories behind them. That's so luvly!


Thanks dear friend. You got that. Just a piece of my thought and idea.

A nice back story, which explains more about your drawing! Your drawing looks really nice... It capture the act a depressed person could be involved in. Well, the solution ain't always in the bottle..


That's definitely true. Could solve it at that moment and later on resurface.

Thanks for your thought.



My pleasure!

A good drawing, @maxijgcomm ! Very expressive and it tells the story of this young person's struggles very well :)


Yeah friend. Though not long but well captured. A lot of people with different gift have been suffering from this situation. I hope they all find a better solution other than this.

Wow! Isn't that always the way, even talent is not enough, but luck and circumstance....I dream of a world of abundance where all have enough opportunity to achieve their dreams!

Be blessed Max, and never stop drawing! Thank you for being a part of this steem community c;


Yeah talent alone is not enought for someoñe to make it in life. Patience, luck, hardwork, environment and other factors go a long way in determining ones success.

Thank for your contribution and encouraging word. Am grateful.

Dude you are the real deal. Freaking awesome art work

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