28 #Ulog: Home Alone!

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Yes, I'm Home Alone #STEEM Fam...

But instead of having a face like this:

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 8.30.03 PM.png

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My Face Looks Like This

A few of you may have caught my reaction yesterday, the first day of school:
Good Morning STEEM Fam! ~~ Morning Vlog #1

I was like giddy/excited. After being cooped up here on the land with the kids for practically the whole summer, I was super excited at some plain old peace and quiet. Rest.

It gets wearing always having to be on the lookout. To always be 'on'. Ready to respond. 24/7 subconscious monitoring.


And of course, if you're a parent, you'll get this...
After them being at school for like 3 hours, I was already missing them 😂


Thinking about their smiling faces...


Wondering if I have given them enough love...



Then They Come Home From School

And start fighting and yelling and bouncing and spilling...and everything is right in the world again. In fact, right now as I type they are supposed to be sleeping yet are upstairs and it sounds like a jungle. Just a couple minutes ago I was yelling at them to tone it down 😂


Now I'm dreaming of that morning dew...

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 8.52.35 PM.png

The Beautiful Dichotomy of Parenthood

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Aha, I knew Partiko wasn't showing me everything. It only would show me two of these photographs! On laptop now.
I'm sure your kids of all kids know they are loved! ^_^ <3


Oooh weird! Brendan told me that using that app, he could only load one photo per post, is that true for you as well?


Yep, true for me too. I don't use it much, but I keep it on the phone so if I want to check messages someplace away from the laptop or Kindle, I can.

Yup! Normal stuff for first of the school year! Man, I miss those days...boys out waiting for the bus, dogs waiting patiently for them to leave before racing back to the house to leap into the unmade beds. Then the afternoon alarm system when the dogs hear the bus coming from 2 miles away. The bus comes up the road, just rocking...yup! The boys are home!


That paints a beautiful picture Ceci...thank you for sharing these memories with me <3 <3 <3

Ha... you reeled me in with the school bus pic.. enjoy the peace.


YAY!! I must go and creep your blog to see if you got the bus back yet or not...


Stay tuned... "The bus pickup" by @davedickeyyall coming soon to a @Dlive post near you.. pickup time scheduled for 12pm

Ah yes. I remember when they were young enough to need me to walk them to the bus stop. On the first day, all the other parents would start joking about how the party was at their house and they were going to spend the day beside the pool with a bottle of wine.

Now they are older but it is still neat to see them headed back to school and friends and just feel the energy evolve with the change in their routine.

Now to hang onto the last vestiges of summer defiantly.


That's interesting. Where I live parents are required to be at the bus stop with their kids, and they have to be there to pick them up or they're not allowed to get off the bus.

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Hmmmmm interesting. Til what age?


Enjoy the rest of your summer weather there @zekepickleman, and thank you for the meaningful comment.


I think it was @perceptualflaws that mentioned your blog and steem business was worth a follow. Glad to be here to help support the real STEEMit stars.

Se debe sentir una tranquilidad única @lyndsaybowes, despúes de tanto tiempo de tener a los niños en la casa. Por cierto tus hijos son muy lindos y gracias por recordarnos a la pelicula " Mi pobre diablillo"


Jaja estoy feliz de que sepas esa pelicula :)


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ahaha;)) yes I do know what you mean;)
we can be very tired from noise and just dream about silence and relax, but when it comes (and our kids are out), we miss them very soon;)
i can't wait more than 30 min without him (when my mom takes him for a walk, all thoughts are with him, and I count minutes when he is back;))

SiSTAR, thank you so much for your attention and donation to Julia!


Thank you for the empathy beautiful Natalia <3 You sound like such an amazingly loving Mother.

You are so welcome, and so is Julia. I'm grateful you shared her story so we can know how many good people there really are in the world, contrary to popular belief.

Been there, seen it, done it. lol.....finished. lol

Me encanta tu post, Ser padre es un gran regalo... Verlos llegar del colegio, de sus vacaciones, de sus actividades, debe ser emocionante. Yo no tengo hijos propios, pero como profesor, tengo muchos hijos regados por el mundo.soy yo en diferentes lugares, un poquito de mi en cada lugar
I love your post, Being a father is a great gift... Seeing them coming home from school, from their holidays, from their activities, must be exciting. I don't have children of my own, but as a teacher, I have many children scattered around the world. it's me in different places, a little bit of me in each place
Les deseo...

And I imagine you are a wonderful teacher to your students...bless you @kantos!

Hahaha, tomorrow is another day.. in the morning you'll be extremely happy, in 3 hours you'll be missing them, once they come home and start to annoy you, you'll pray for another day! LOL

I'm not a parent but I understand the feeling very well :)


I'm not a parent but I understand the feeling very well :)

Hehehe...you must have a man in your life!


Oh girl!! You know it so well!! So you have 4 kids then, right? :D

Little Bowes are going to school to enjoy the life in a very practical way. I think we should say a loud "Good Luck". Our friend Lyndsay is feeling a bit worried and I do believe it is very natural that mom gets worried.

Thank you so much for the awesome photography, Keep rocking :)


You keep rocking too my Angel Friend!

Everything you say is true. You want peace and quiet, but then it starts to feel weird. Like you should be doing something or breaking up some fight over something. 🤣💜

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Absolutely Mama! HAHAA I know you get it!

You have the kittens & bitches. :-)


Awww...touché Mike!

I remain in awe of all the hard work parents do. To be honest that kind of responsibility scares the living daylights out of me.

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To be honest that kind of responsibility scares the living daylights out of me.

It is, it's so fucked up and scary, constantly trying to keep 3 little people alive!

PS I see you're using Partiko, nice!


Yeah, this Partiko app is the first thing I've found that's better than just using the phone browser. I kind of wish I could turn off the signature though, feels a bit like spamming.


I'm looking forward to the end of that as well :) Still, I understand why they are doing it.