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Hello Steemians around the archipelago. I want to share to the Best and favorite peanuts for all Filipinos. Most of us love to eat peanut. When I see a peanut vendor in the I always buy peanut to eat.


It was around 7:00 pm Friday evening when I wait my husband driving a passenger vehicles. When I see a peanut vendor in the street. First I buy a peanut with chili worth P5.00 and eat while waiting for my husband . But my husband came late then I buy another peanut worth P5.00 again. Then I saw that the peanut vendor have many customers since it was along the road near the church and mall.




This fried peanut is a part of street vendors in the Philippines. This peanut are cooked in garlic but sometimes with red pepper. Because most Filipinos love to eat a spicy food. This fried peanut is quite common on our country and mostly it was sold in the street by a street vendors.
But you can also cooked this peanut in our house because it very simple recipe it has. I can not imagine the aroma of the garlic from the peanut. In eating this fried peanut I feel the grainy textures of the salt in my hands that encased the peanuts.

For those who loves peanut try feel the aroma of this food. And you love to eat this again and again.


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I love peanut sis @liamnov.

Hi there! I just want to share this video and some tips.
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