CETACEAN DRAWING CONTEST: (Art made from coffee: Lonely Butanding)

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You can see right here a whale shark(Rhincodon typus) Here in my country It's known as "butanding". The skin of the whale sharks has pale yellow spots and stripes. These pots and stripes differ from the other whale sharks. "Just like our finger prints".

You can notice that I only used the shades of color brown, there's a reason why. Because it's perfect or it represents the feelings of this lonely butanding. Where his friends/loved ones are all gone, for some of them died because of illegal fishing, and some died because they accidentally ate a plastic/plastic bottles that they thought it's food.

This is happening because some of us are lacking of discipline, especially in proper disposal of garbage.

I hope that this situation happening under the sea will make us realize that we need to stop doing such things that can destroy the sea or our beautiful nature.

Process/ behind the creation of this artwork

I found another art contest run by @jacinta.sevilla. The theme is about cetacean art.

The first thing that came in my mind is the "butanding" or the whale shark.

I started to brainstorm and think of what way or techniques I will use. Then I saw a soy sauce on the table, and a pack of coffee.
An idea just popped up in my mind, "what if I will use these things to make an art? " I guess it will be great, so I started to create it. It was a "trial and error" during my first attempt, then it became successful while doing it.

The first thing that I did was I made an outline of the "butanding" using a pencil
Then I poured the soy sauce on the different part of the paper.


Then I wiped it up to color it evenly, and to remove the excess

After that, I started to use the coffee. I added a little amount of water on it, so that I can blend it easily.

Next, I used a pencil and cotton buds to make the outline of the starfish, seaweeds, bubbles, and etc.

Then I used a liquid eraser to outline my drawing, so that it can be more visible.
The butanding is not that visible, so I have to draw it again using a ballpen,and liquid eraser.

Adding some finishing touches
And it's done

I hope you like it

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Wooow ang ganda parang kahoy ang ginamit! Salamat po talaga! :D

This is incredible! We look forward to seeing more of your artworks. You can also use philippines as one of your tags in your future posts so our kabayans can find them and show their support.

Thank you

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Very nice!!!!!

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