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Welcome to:

How’s your weekend?!

Mine? Nothing really special but I learned something new (which I’m going to write in a separate post) that will benefit myself in the future and ofcourse, sharing to my co #uloggers is caring. I spend my whole Sunday yesterday eating- reading-walking- (eating again 😅) and work out.

I went to our community pool but it was close. I guess the summer schedule was over. So I ended zumba and dancing at home after walking.



Zumba Fun Facts:

  • Zumba was originated in Cali, Columbia and founded in the mid-1990s by Alberto “Beto” Perez.
  • Zumba was known for The Happy Accident. Zumba begins in an accident when the Colombian choreographer Alberto was teaching aerobics class and he forgot his regular music for aerobics class so he pulled out tapes of salsa from his car and used it instead. Everyone was overwhelmed of the outcome and the Zumba fitness was born!
  • Month of July is National Zumba Day in different parts of the world.



”..because laughing while working out burns even more calories.”

Indeed! I love the saying and I didn’t realize my @actifit activity score was already 5k by just having fun dancing.

Till next time #uloggers!

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Have a JOYful day Steemian!

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Seems like we had a similar Sunday...Minus the workout on my side hahaha. I love Zumba. Did it for like a year until my DR told me to quit because of my stuffed knees. After that no exercise came close. Sounds like you had a lot of fun though 😀


Ouch! Sad to hear about the knee but there’s a yoga healing kind of exercise for that, I think (I’ve rea dit somewhere).

Thanks for sharing your story @jusipasserti! ❤️

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Absoulutely awesome SiStar! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing <333 :)


Haha thank you sistar! Your one of the inspiring actifitters co @steemitbloggers ❤️
Your activity score goal 60k sounds epic!
Go go go!


We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

interested in joining the Steemit Bloggers Community?


Awesome! & fantabulous! 😃❤️


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That that’s a really good fact about Zumba originating in Cali! I only ever heard of Cali once and that was to do with Narcos season 3 ‘ the Cali cartel’ . So now it is famous for both drugs and Zumba . 😀😀 #steemitbloggers


Hahah, yeah.. I’ve watched that tv series also. Is season 3 your fave season? 😉

Thanks for reading Blanchy!
Mor epower!

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Yeah season 3 was my favourite by a country mile. I loved the 3 brothers. They all played amazing parts especially the homosexual brother . He was proper rock n roll 😂😂