Family Time

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Hi steemians! It’s been 2 months that I never write anything on here. So how is everyone? I have been very busy with work (audit time) but I still manage to visit steemit everyday but never got the chance to post something. I hope our fellow steemians will have the time to share something again just like before.

I just want to share a picture of me, my husband and son which we took yesterday.


I only work half day for Saturday so I got more time to spend it with the family. My son is turning 3 this May (oh how time flies) and he was the one who set the camera for us to have some family picture. Haha! This is it for today and I hope I can share more for the next days!


Family time is the best time of the day.

As for steem, somehow, it is getting bullish in price.

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Welcome back.

Please permit a little side-note:
Thank you for attempting to ulog today and for sticking around with us, whether bulls or bears.
We will soon resume full-blown activities especially as begin to take full shape and with the birth of the teardrops SMT. There will be ulog-cats and all. ulog-subtags to bear forth ulog-communities.

Please participate in this form; '' if you haven't. it is a short form and mostly requires your best email. It is time to gather now. Please share the form as well to any steemian you know of #ulog or those who may know of (@surpassinggoogle) or who is familiar with #untalented #steemgigs #teardrops etc. I need help with this and so much of it. The models are set and the teardrops token economy is being set. The token has been created on steem-engine pending when steemit creates SMT. It is time to gather as one close-knit group, a really solid family.

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