Ulog#74: My lunch dish for today!

in #ulog4 years ago

Good morning steemit!

Guess what, I have here a very sumptuous dish.
Well it's just a soup or rather a stew dish but for me it's something special hahaa..


I just have cooked my lunch viand and here it is. It's a stewed chicken with sweet corn. Actually the sweet corn makes it special for me. Since we don't usually add in corn on chicken soup dish and for a change,
I did! The corn did compliment on the taste of the chicken. It then adds more flavor to it. My children do love corn and I think they'll gping to love this dish as well. But since they are in school maybe I will have to set aside some portion of my viand for them this afternoon.
So guys let's go.. Go grab your spoon!!

Have a great lunch steemian'Z!

God bless!




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