#ULog: My First ULOG 😃

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I will be the first one to confess. I am not updated that much regarding on what Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle motivating nowadays due to busy schedule and not having an permanent internet connection. But I am very glad because my friends here in Steemit, also friends in real life who are giving their best to accompany us newbies. Thanks to them especially to our handsome mentor @iyanpol12 ! 😃

Lately, I was encouraged by our mom @jannie98 to do articles about "ULOG". At first, I did not understand why #ULOG. Then, they said that 'Your Blog' shortcut to #ULOG. Because it is your own blog, its main topic rotates all about what you have done in a certain day. This time, I am making my #ULOG what happened yesterday dated May 14, 2018.

May 14, 2018 is a special non-working holiday for us Filipinos because it is the day where Filipinos are using their votes to elect their Barangay candidates. Since, we, Jehovah's Witnesses are not participating in any political activities because we are neutral, it is just a normal day to us and spend it to relax. So we planned some of my close friends to go to the beach that day. But I was sad because they was not able to come. Though I am positive in all and think that even I am alone, still I will enjoy so I decided to go alone 😁

My alarm alarmed 4AM but I am still sleepy so I go back to my bed. Then suddenly I woke up, seeing time in my phone, 5AM 😂 so I went to bathroom and take a bath. Its all up and I am ready!


7:30AM, I am at the beach. That was the view as you can see in the picture. As I expected, less people are there because its their voting day so its an advantage to me. A timely day for me 😁


7:45AM, I started to eat my breakfast along the beach. Sea breeze, wave sounds, bird singing and many more - I really appreciated all Jehovah's works. After I ate my breakfast, I started my daily spiritual routine - reading "God's word". Reading Bible at the beach helps you to meditate more and draw close to Jehovah 😃

After I read the Bible, I started to play Original Songs stored in my JW Library App while enjoying the view of the beach ❤
After that, I swam at the beach and hide my belongings so that they can't steal haha 😁


Even though I am alone, still I enjoyed 😃
Before leaving the place, I got chanced to take photo together with I❤Pangasinan as you can see at the picture below.


You must visit the Province of Pangasinan here in the Philippines 😃
I assure that you will enjoy this place so much 😊
That's all! Happy Tuesday #ULOGGERS 😃

Note: Photos are all mine
#untalented #steemgigs #ULOG #ULOGGERS


How grateful I am to be a part of Steemit together with @surpassinggoogle. We can support him as our witness by voting him at https://steemit.com/~witnesses . In the first search box, just type "steemgigs" and at the second search box just type "surpassinggoogle" as your proxy 😃


Hello i am from pangasinan too. Dagupan and san fabian. Kumusta kabaleyan. Maong ta wadja kad steemit. Keep steeming.

Hello! Bali-bali lapud akabat ta kayod dia 😃 taga-Calasiao ak kabaleyan hehe

Hello po. I'm from Pangasinan din! Hihi :D

Saya naman, Jollibee by the beach! Good thing you are an ulogger. Go check @phantum04'snpost to get a footer/header.

Thanks ate @yadah04 😃

Binula mo pa ko. Haha

Hindi yun bola men haha totoo yun 😁

ahahaha handsome mentor @iyanpol12

Ag ka amo manisia. Haha

manisia ak master hehehe

Manisia kamin amin kuya @iyanpol12 😁

Mas anisia ak nen inupvote yo may post ko 100% hehe

@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.


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