Ulog-Day-10 When your fashion designer finally want to make you happy after disappointing you

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Looking good is a serious business but most people fail not to understand the power of Good out fit. Most people may always judge you wrong or right because of your constant good looking, yes life maybe worse for you at some point but your constant good looking will at the same moment speak for you.



My tailor who has been my designer has finally want to make me happy after one month of promises and failing, anyways I don't know why most tailor find it difficult to be sincere and honest to themselves. It's over one month I dropped my material with him and also paid him 90 percent of his money



But the beautiful thing about having a personal designer is that you have opportunity to make your choice of types of materials, colour, design and even fitness.

Just immediately after I left home heading to his place unimaginable rain started as if it has never rain before, even ask I speak is still raining but trust a guy who has passed through alot of promises and fail from his tailor I have to make sure he has no room for blaming myself I have to jump out to the street.


The Good news is that I got my clothes while the bad news is that I was also beating up by the rain too, which means I can't eat my cake and still have it


Thanks you guy's for visiting my blog and to all Ulog fan's I love you guy's @surpassinggoogle. Ulog tell the real us

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