Anger, Why Anger? idk, Let me try and express it, even though I don't think I can. - Ulog

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I fail to understand many things out there in this world.

Literally can't comprehend them.

Many of these things bring about an anger, an outrage in fact.

The fact that I see generations of people who condone violence as a means to ensure that others do not freely speak as human beings.

Generations of people who shall without any doubt continue on with their mentality of entitlement with no responsibilities.

Generations who are willing to commit violence in the name of idiotologies (aka ideologies).

Some claim to be "left" some are called "right", yet at the end of the day all believe that they are "right" and all behave identically when they feel that they are able to "get away with it".

So, Why the anger?

How can a person like myself, who feels as if he is worn out, that the path I chose in life has taken it's toll, that I have (still am) paying the prices for my own decisions, look upon those who are repeating histories self-destructiveness and watch humanity go down the path of (i)moral and (un)ethical demise, which ultimately leads to mass bloodshed on a global level????


As a human being, as a parent, as a person who tries to do his best to genuinely care. How?

So many radicals out there, so many people who genuinely believe in things that are pure EVIL and instead of trying to fix it, I see it being "nurtured" and "defended" by those who enjoy their "entitlement with no responsibility".

When I hear "Not my problem" or "I don't care" or best of all "Not my job", this last one is the best because it directly implies that a person HAS TO / MUST BE paid to do good.

So as not to get anything confused here, both the idiotocracies I mentioned earlier "left/right" insist upon people being compensated/paid for "doing good". It is the "amounts" that they claim to disagree upon, not the (i)moral of it all.

Imagine that,

"Doing good and not wanting anything material in return"

What a fucking great idea,

People WANTING to do good!

Without having to be ordered/told/paid to do so.

What an awesome idea!!!!!!!

Maybe my anger is unjustified, as I too have to date not earned the right to throw the first stone at anyone.

Yet, I do feel that through the course of my life, the path that has brought about every grey hair and wrinkle, I have earned the right to speak my mind freely and not be labeled by either of the idiotocracies, that I have genuinely learned from the mistakes I as a human being have made, that I have even started learning from other peoples mistakes from time to time.

I sincerely do not feel that anyone out there has the right to throw the first stone at me.

Although, I do see many out there throwing stones at others just for the simple fact that they allegedly disagree upon the colour of the fkn idiotocracy label they have stuck on their foreheads.

National or international, the idiotocracies are identical, literally identical, no mater how anyone looks at them.

Same immoralities, same lack of ethics, same power hungry motivation behind each mob, both literally killing in the name of wealth, both claiming that they are above and beyond what they really are.

As one wise person said many many moons ago, once the bucket was invented:

"Same shit different bucket"

& why the anger?

Here is why.

Because at the end of it all, it is the individual who pays the price.

Yes, no matter what stupid label one has on their forehead, the person, the unique being, the individual pays for the stupidity and evils of "the mobs".

So many opportunities to do good, to be productive, constructive, to use everything that has been made available so as to do good. It is all out there.

Maybe the anger is in the fact that my body and mind are not as youthful as they once were and that I feel as if I am no longer of any use to help out in the process of change that is so drastically needed.

I'll leave it here, let all those who believe in the mobs propaganda and lies in the names of idiotocracies out there figure things out the hard way.

Hopefully it won't take them as long as it took me and they will still have some life left in them to go out and actually do something that will make a real difference.

God bless you all.

Yours truly,

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I think that the general tone of your in conformity with the status quo is a theme shared by many these days. The coercive situations from states and destruction of entitlement is becoming very evident. I am with you.
I also yeaen for a new world where the individual thrives.

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Unfortunately our world is many anger, so many fights...we are living in a stressful world and we forget how to calm ourself because everything is going so fast...just being on a roud is stressful because other people are not driving the same that we are and here comes the anger...and then social media where are bombing you with diffrent news, target advertising, diffrent people with diffrent believing and so on...we are forgetting the fact that we need time for ourself, away from news, away from people that couse anger and most important, away from social media...and then we can function again...without anger for a few days;) great article

I so agree with your reply. Time away sums it up succinctly.



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