Ulog #51 | I'm finally home but I kept it quiet from most of the social media world EXCEPT for Steemit

in #ulog5 months ago

YES ! I'm finally home !

But, I didn't tell the world EXCEPT for my family & the Steemit World !

It was absolute silence in all my social media platforms. No one knew where I was. There was no posting of my whereabouts or what I'm doing. Which is rare for me, I guess.

Except for a few really close friends whom I contacted directly, no one knew I was home. Call it isolation or hibernation from the world, I'm not sure. But I just didn't want to be disturbed. It's my ME DOWN TIME with my family and I wanted to keep it that way.


It's been a whole 5 days back home and I've spent almost every minute of it with my family and my boys. I can feel just how much they miss me and I can imagine just how hard it's going to be when their Mommy leaves in 2.5 weeks time. My youngest son says," At least Mommy is here for few weeks if not forever."

I don't want to think about leaving. It's about NOW and the time I have with them that is important. Each night, I say a bedtime story for my youngest son. "Mommy, will you tell me a happy bedtime story?" How could I say no to him. Even the eldest one ask for my attention in his own teenage-adult-boy way.

Being back, I miss them more dearly than ever. Seeing them grow taller and bigger each time I'm back; tells me just how much they've grown and how much I'm missing out. Such are the sacrifices of parents of wanting to give everything to our children and no matter how huge the hardships are, we will endure it for them. Better for us to suffer so that they may enjoy the fruits of a better life and future ahead.


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Aww so nice to have some uninterrupted family time 🥰

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Oh yes it is..
And I'm glad it's school holidays for 3 days due to the haze.. I have more time with them

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It's time to meetup! :D

Yes.. We're arranging for pot luck once Simon is back from Labuan

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So happy for you and your family mama <3

And... social media who...lol.

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Ha ha ... ure so right 😊

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It's a wonderful life without an obligation to catching up with the trwnds on social media..isn't it?

What a lovely "Me Down Time" you have @ireenchew.. and you have wonderful boys, they're so happy to have you even thought just for a couple days. ENJOY YOUR FAMILY QUALITY TIME💖

Yes ure absolutely right..
Minimize the social media and more time for family

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