ULOG #2: Weekend Feels..

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Good day steemians! Since it is sunday, i dont have my review today. My review is only from monday to saturday. Soo its time to relax at home, doing some stress reliever.

One I do to relieve stress eating :D Haha. Soo today I made a gulaman that is coffee flavored. Its my first time doing this and It is so good. I will recommend this to those coffee lovers out there. Its a gulaman with a twist :D

This is my gulaman.

Then after eating, we watch tv with the family. Watching television together is one of our past times and bonding. Especially during noon time, we always watch SHOWTIME together. Its because it is so entertaining and always in good vibes.
This is us watching TV.
And this...

Also, Im doing my take home exams. Its so stressful asnwering 100 item questions in probability :D it breaks my head a bit.


Thats my ULOG for today :) Hope you enjoy it!
Stay tune for another ULOG from me.

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Nice ulog bai.

Salamat2 bai.