Ulog 13 | Successful event is all about giving

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"This is an amazing chill but meaningful event" - customer

Prior to this event I was promoting with #promo-steem as steem ambassador by conducting events and gathering connections for national events & seminars.


I managed to put together 1 seminar with the tourism office that led to the possibility to promote with our local chambers of commerce together with the Department of Trade and Industry.

The event

As Im focusing with steemit, I needed to appoint a new leader for my group. They dont deserve undivided attention especially were talking about highly artistic individuals.

I also needed to focus more on my promotion and on myself. As a promoter i need to make sure that I'm doing the best job for my fellow artist to learn about steemit and its blessings. @surpassinggoogle helped a lot in making sure that i understand how to promote and also develop the promoter.

I also regret it that I cant join the amazing #steemgigs talkshow today im tired and needed to wake up early later, I do wanna enjoy those karaoke again! I also wish that your father will get well soon


How did it go

It went quite well! People were enjoying and the owner was amazed by the talent shared tonight!

But jkthere were a lot of issues few hours before the event.

  • sound system problem - provider was suddenly asking too high price for them and so we needed to find new sound system asap.
  • appointed leader was MIA - she was sick.
  • it's raining - although were covered, were afraid that people wont come because of the heavy rain.

Its amazing!

People congratulated artists by the end of the event and for a moment you could feel the support from fellow kapampangans, it felt like the purpose of creating a group and showcasing their talents was all worth it

Future plans

Ill continue to promote our steemit and try to reach more artists to conduct multiple events showcasing their talents and creating a culture where other disciplines of art is also appreciated

PS: will upload our videos soon!


Im with you man...... Stay with it! Maybe oneday ill get to perform for you all.. Much respect!

Your support will fund the next real world contest! Artists here are just thirsty for support. Im happy that im a vehicle to make it happen and you my friend is the fuel! Your support means a lot! I hope you have a great day as you just made mine wonderful!

We together will impact entire planet. Im happy to help passionate individuals, all i ask is you stay faithful and in love... And you have my support!!

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