Ulog 10 | My sp delegation from minnowbooster experience.

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Why i tried it?

I was intrigued by the idea that you can buy steem power for a few days or even months.

I tried it to see if I can make a profit from it? Is it better than using bid bots? Is it a possible means of investment for me, my family and friends?

@minnowbooster vs @blocktrades

There are two platforms where you can buy steem power delegations.

  1. @blocktrades - they offer 8.5 steem power for every 1 steem for 90 days. The best feature is you can extend your delegation for 100 steem/month extended.

This will be a great option for you if you're planning to do it for a longer period of time.

  1. @minnowbooster - this is way more flexible in terms of price and terms. Right now the best deal you can get would be 140 steem power/ 1 steem for 1 week. You can probably get higher but that's up to you and the delegator.

for more info you can check their website (www.minnowbooster.net) and their recent posts @minnowbooster

I chose this path because I wanted to check the results after 1 whole month


The result

I wanted to see if it's a good investment for me, my friends and my family that's why i tried vote selling

The general plan was to gather data and show to my friends who are entrepreneurs and also to my seminars that they can earn in steemit without blogging everyday.

I used @smartsteem services as i find their website more easy to navigate than minnowbooster vote selling website.

I made more than my investment but its not that much cos the price of steem is low for the past month although thats not really a problem.

I think i'll be using @blocktrades next and do the 100 steem per month extension but i need a lot of investment before i can see a positive profit from it.


Last comments & advice:

You should try it but please dont expect much. Im doing this so tht i can help artists from a third world country. Upvote their posts each day and then every event theyll get paid steem sbd and we can also have the flexibility to create real world contest.


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