Ulog 13 : The sun is merciless

in ulog •  last year  (edited)


During this time a year ago, it has started raining, and as much as I don't like rain, the current hot weather is also not what I hoped for. I like bright sunny days but not till it is so hot that you feel like melting away. The picture above is taken right before my house, there are no clouds to be seen and it has been that way for days. Even with the trees and plants, the weather coninues to be unbearable.

In the afternoon just to cool off both physical and mentally, I ordered a grabcar ( like uber ) just to take me to the nearest mcdonald and the rather large minimarket. The craving for mcflurry just could not be held back, and so I bought a dark chocolate mcflurry.

To be honest, I felt quite cheated as I was supposed to get a 20% cashback if I pay using t-cash, a sort if e-money. However I still have not receive th 20% cashback. Sighs.


I also spent aeound half an hour just to stare at rows and rows of coolers that are filled with various drinks. Just staring at itvmade me feel cooler, I think its a psychological thing.


Recently I have also started investing and I really regreted on not doing sosince I was younger. In Indonesia, investing was and actually still is a rare concept, we weren't taught about stocks and unit links and so on, we only know insurance. Though people are getting more knowledgeable about it niw, there are some who still think of it as gambling.

I really hope that in the future people are taught more about it.

Anyway, to nyone reading, how was your day?

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