ULOG - Obligations (DITO)

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A Storm Approaches

I know @bluelightbandit feels me on this, and maybe @thekittygirl may have to do a little prepping too, but there is a category 3 hurricane - Florence - headed to the Carolinas and expected to make land fall Wednesday evening / Thursday morning. Ya, I'm over here in Tennessee, so I may see some wind and rain, but according to all the weather services I have tuned into, it'll be a cat-4 by tonight and may even hit cat-5. There has already been an issuance for people to evacuate the coastal areas of North Carolina. Some of those people unfortunately include - my own parents.

The Phone Call

Shortly after my obligatory parental duty of taking my princess to school, my phone goes jingle jingle. On the screen it says 'MA'. Only one of those in my contacts and pretty sure it's difficult to get that as a caller ID so I was comfortable knowing who it was. "Good morning, I was going to call you this afternoon". And I really was. Before I could get much of anything else out, my Pops says, "We're heading your way and should be there Wednesday night. We have been ordered to evacuate." I was all, "Well...ok then, call me let me know when you're leaving." Then we said goodbye. My dad and I don't need to say much beyond the basics. The rest is implied and understood.

Of Course I Will

Would you turn your parents away? I mean, we don't always (or haven't) seen eye to eye, but they did bring me into this world. If you all remember a while back, it has been my intention to move them here anyway. Now, I feel obliged to give them a safe haven from the coming storm. Shit, I mean, they changed my diapers for two years and I imagine I may end up changing a few of theirs. So can they come stay with me until the storm blows over? DUH.


You'll notice I used that word (or a variation of) a few times as it is @buddyup's #dropintheocean topic this week. Many people have different opinions about what their obligations are and the first thing that comes to my mind is family. Family first. I do it with my own blood and with #thealliance. That's my family. If someone comes to me and says hey, you should bring your #wordswithwitty show to PAL, you know what I say? Naw, I'm already at home here. Somebody wants me to delegate to their 'cause' but my fam needs a new computer - who you think I'm gonna support? Just the way it is and I am. When it comes to obligations, my first is to the family. Rest assured on that.

The Lord of Darkness

@snook made this badass gif

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I hope you all have a great time together, given the circumstances it might just be the only thing you can control to be sure they enjoy their visit.

I should add I agree, and what you point out is that family is also the family you have chosen for yourself but in both cases, this is within reason and chosen family might even trump real family based on those reasons.


Truer words @penderis!

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Thinking of your family and everyone that will be affected



Thanks sweetheart 🤗

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Great post!
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Sure thing sweets.

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Yes! You absolutely have to give mommy and daddy safe haven from the storm!

Batten down the hatches Dark Lord you're in for some rough weather ahead! Stay safe.


Muahahahahahahaha! There is no storm that can sway me😋😎

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howdy sir enginewitty! yes sir I was watching the weather and thought about some of the steemians that I know along the coast there, I think I also saw more storms after this one but hope your parents arrive safely with no problems!


Appreciate that my man, as do I!

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Seguro tendrás oportunidad de hacer un post donde compartas un poco de tu tiempo familiar con tus padres durante estos días... saludos amigo.

Oh rain rain rain go way! It’s been raining all day here too! I knew there was something going on, just didn’t know what’s happening til I saw this post. It never rain much where I live and it’s been raining nonstop!

Pls keep safe and good thing your parents are going to be with you! 💕 stock up some food just incase!


Wind has been steady here, where are you?

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The rain stopped already but so much flood outside! 😩 I’m from Mission Tx

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Oh there be more rain coming then 😁

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Noooo 😆

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I'm from the Philippines and we are expecting a big storm in two days too. Be safe.

i agree with 100%. i live in south florida, was here for andrew and all that followed over the years. first things first, was always getting mom's house good to go. then over to my bro's if he needs a hand. we bounce around the fam helping where it's needed.


You have a good heart on you. I expect you'll be seeing some rain soon too😏

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I’ve been watching the progress of Hurricane Florence and it looks like category 4 going to hit the Carolinas. Good your parents are coming your way. I think it will be nice for the princesses to have grandparents around for awhile.
No matter how things went with their own children, grandparents always seem to be gentle with grandkids. 💕 😊


Ya the two youngest haven't seen their grandparents yet. Be a nice surprise 😎🤗

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Please stay safe
My relation with storms is both fear and fascination. Hope it does not cause mch destruction.


Thank you sweets.🤗

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