ULog#11: Approaching Last Lap

in ulog •  10 months ago 

         Ironically, the tag #busy doesn't just apply to the UI here. Life has been extremely busy and I find myself trying to balance personal life and work. I am very much behind on my house cleaning, as well as, updating my personal finance. Heck, I should probably get those annual checkups set up.

         Several days ago, I think the haze hit its height. I came out of work and noted a faint burning smell. The sky was still hazy and it seemed rather dark for an August morning at 0630.

*Photo taken with my iPhone 6

         You may or may not be able to tell from the photo, but the gradient of colors you see across the sky is somewhat distorted by a haze. The good news is, things have let up and hopefully we will have cleaner air soon.

         In other news, I am somewhat surprised that we are approaching the fourth quarter of the year. It's already the middle of August! Part of me is looking forward to the future, and another part of me feels bad because I believe I haven't been efficient at tending my personal matters.

         Work is stressful, but that's what happens when your department is trying out a new workflow. We are literally pioneering a new system! A tidbit of good news is that despite how chaotic it feels, our stats have actually surpassed expectations and we are nowhere near refinement.

         Anyhow, since Steem has tanked, $0.866 USD when I wrote this, I think many people are feeling discouraged. Don't be. It's either another opportunity or just the rollercoaster ride we call the crypto market.


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Hmm house cleaning is a work in progress all the time. You reminded me that we need a dental appointment...

I have deadlines to meet at work. By the time I can breathe again, it's time to start another month...


Adulting sucks.


I think you have that one wrong @enforcer48. Being a responsible adult is a very good thing.

Working for a master is not.
Yea most of so called slavery is done away with, but in reality we are still slaves. Just now we are slaves to a system called money. Even here in steemit we slave for a little piece of the reward pool, while others (I wont mention any names) just post total crap or plagiarized content and get rewards for that. Others never post or become part of the community at all and they rake in the largest rewards and have the loudest voice and return.

So being an adult doesn't suck, but being an adult slave does.

I would think that most business men or investors that just travel and enjoy the work that the slaves do don't have much to complain about but how slow the slaves are?


the money


Maybe "adulting" is a severity too? @leonis


HAHAAH lol, house cleaning reminded you of a dental appointment!?!? My gf is at one at the moment. So, is stanky breff the sign of a dirty house?
(starts looking around)


HAHAHA you funny neighbor. No, the post mentioned annual check up. I guess my line of thought jumped way ahead to the next one that I forgot to say the annual checkup reminded me of a long overdue dental appt.

Stanky breff is a sign of your sniffers going out...cups my hands to smell my breath

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Thanks for sharing! I have the same sentiments as you - I'm looking forward to the future and the final quarter of the year as well, but am a little disappointed that I haven't accomplished quite as much thus far when it comes to my personal affairs. On another note, out in the desert in southern cali it's been very hazy for weeks now - very similar to the picture you posted. I'll be looking forward to that haze breaking up - hopefully soon! Steem on!


Is there still a Cali left? It's been burning the entire summer. lol

Steem will come back very soon.
Keep the good work.


I believe so too.

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