Ulog22: Tired

in #ulog2 years ago

A very close friend really got me upset last night and I went to bed hurt having cried my eyes out. This morning I had a lecture, I could hardly get up from bed because I was so tired. Finally, I got up had my bath, ate, and left for my class though I had to stop over at my friend's place so we could go together. Though we got to class late but we eventually made it to the class. Though I wasn't really feeling too good but I managed to pay attention and I really enjoyed the class.

After the class, I had to stop by the market to get myself a pair of shoe because I needed one badly. I finally got home by 4pm tired, hungry, and burdened but I am grateful I was later able to get out of that mood after I studied the scripture Psalm 23 and talked to a friend. And I finally had a good dinner.

Thank you all for reading. Have a sweet night rest


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