My ulog day 32: "Back to work"

in ulog •  last year  (edited)


Today after a year, I had to return to my job because my post-natal permission has ended.

Even though I know that my baby is in good hands, I feel very sad to leave him and not be able to be with him at all times.

"I miss you so much my baby boy"


"Counting the minutes to have you back in my arms"


Thanks @surpassingoogle for all your support and for this initiative!


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Hermoso tu gatito! Dios lo bendiga! seguro él también te extraña mucho amiga.

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Your son looks so handsome

I know is missing you already.

Glad you are back to work


Thank You my friend @mrposyble for the visit and comment, yes he missed me as well. When I arrived from work and he saw me, he started to jump and scream of happiness. Greetings and blessings!!!

Que bello el bebe!


Gracias amiga @andreinacepeda! Saludos!!!