My first #ULOG! Stuck Between 2 Worlds....

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Did you ever get that feeling that you are stuck between two worlds?
That you are about to start a new path in life
but you just don't want to let go to the one you are in yet...
That's what I feel now...

It's been such an emotional month for me - with big decisions we had to make for our familys future: Stay in Australia or move back to where our family is?

We've been living in Australia for almost 3 years and we LOVE it here! The lifestyle, the amazing friends we made, the fact that as a family we are being able to spend so much time together and enjoy the calm family oriented life that Brisbane has to offer :) .

We were so close to applying for permanent residency. The only thing that was holding us from making this big decision is ..... our family back home, overseas. Each time we have family visiting us, it breaks my heart to see how the kids are so 'thirsty' for their grandparents/other close familys love and affection.

Those big warm family hugs and kisses. Each time the visits are for about 2 weeks and end so fast. The saying goodbye part is the hardest. Not knowing when will be the next time we will all see each other and knowing that again, we are going to miss special family events and holidays together.

So after many long talks, and with a heavy heart we decided..

We are moving BACK.

Yes, it's happening and is happening SO FAST!
One more month left here and SO MANY things to do! I'm happy to go back and live close to family. But on the other hand, leaving our wonderful life and friends here.... My eyes get all watery each time I talk about it, especially when I tell everyone here that we are leaving.

I can't shake off all the questions that are constantly playing over and over in my head -

If this is how I feel then are we doing the right thing?
Should we leave all we started and got used to here and start again?

I feel as if I am stuck between 2 worlds. There's no better way to describe it. Ive been so caught up the past month with this decision and planning that I have lost my inspiration to continue posting .. I barely find myself in the kitchen enjoying what I make and want to share it as I used to...

I believe that many of these concerns probably have to do with change and moving onto a new path and losing something that we are happy with right now.

I remember that moving here, to Australia, seemed very challenging. But looking back, this whole process of relocation had so many positive effects on our family. We got to know each other much better, managed to work things out on our own, as a unit, without relying on our family. Simply getting closer and enjoying each other much more.
While we lived here, my partner was so flexible with his shifts at work - it gave us the opportunity to travel alot and spend great quality time together!

Back home we were both working such crazy hours and shifts (as a doctor and a nurse in hospitals) and were constantly relying on family to be with our kids! We barely saw each other. That's when he decided that something has got to change and thought we need to start our own adventure :) I'm glad I went along with his plan:)

Now we are going to go back knowing exactly what we want in life and how we want to live it! Its going to be another emotional month for me - leaving here and saying goodbye to all our friends who practically became our family...
But we are going to start our own new adventure VERY soon and continue our journey! (Who knows, maybe well return to Australia again! :))


I came across the #ulog tag many times recently.
Since I haven't had inspiration lately for my usual food posts I decided to just go for it and give my first #ulog a go.

What is a ULOG ? It's simply a log about YOU. A tag by @surpassinggoogle. So if you struggle to find a topic to write about on Steemit, just write an ULOG about you!

So here's to my first #ulog -


Lots and lots of LOVE!

I love reading your thoughts and comments! Any feedback is always welcome !
So please keep 'em coming! :)

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Thanks for showing me what a ULOG is @cooknbake and for sharing these personal thoughts and conflicts with us. I know only too well how difficult it is to make these decisions as we immigrated from New Zealand to Australia when our boys were just teenagers.

Although we don’t regret it, it was very hard to leave friends and family behind and that was the biggest wrench. With a young family and a new baby to care for I can’t help but feel pleased for you and your children that they will not miss out on all those ‘big, warm, family hugs.’

Coming to Australia will have strengthened your relationship with your partner and encouraged personal growth in ways that won’t even be evident yet but will hold you in good stead for the years ahead.

I wish you much happiness and success with your future @cooknbake and I have the feeling that you will do well wherever you are. Home is where the heart is and if you’re anything like me it is two places and once you get unpacked and start cooking again you will feel right at home and very comfortable with your surroundings. I look forward to keeping in touch with you here.

@trudeehunter I cant believe I just saw your comment! Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the warm words :) I really appreciate it. I'm sure it wasn't easy to relocate especially with teenagers. The younger they are, I believe, the easier it is to make such a big transition. So at least were making this decision at an early stage for them. And yes, knowing that they will get sooo much love and those family hugs and kisses makes it easier for me.
This time we had here in Australia was so precious for us as a family- every word you said is true - it strengthened our relationship and definitely encouraged personal growth in ALL of us! The goodbyes are always hard for me but that's how it is with these decisions... Im waiting to get to cooking and baking more - right now I'm literally in a home with a sofa and 2 bedroom sets! we hear our echo in the house - thanks to good old Gumtree!! :))
Thanks again for your encouragement. As always, I enjoy every comment of yours dear @trudeehunter!

No aplologies needed dear @cooknbake I didn’t think I’d hear from you until you had relocated. I’m sure your days must be very full indeed. You must have good accoustics in your present abode. Any good singers 🎶🎶 in your family? 😊

I always tell myself change is good. Although it may seem scary and I always question myself on my choice but at the end I always think everything happens for a reason and this will be a new chapter in your life and adventure. Best of luck on your move!

Aww thank you @loveself:) I appreciate that! I know, Im usually a very positive person and try to always look on the bright side of tjings but this is a big step to make... and since were so happy here, its hard to let go:) Im all in for changes- it opens new doors and also keeps things interesting in life😄😄

Moving is stressful and I know the feeling. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I always remember what my good friend said to steps. If you try to think of the big picture it will seem too much but if you take tiny steps, it always works out. Good luck!

@loveself! How are you? thank you for the advise :) Baby steps is a great way to make such a huge change/move! Not to mention keeping notes and lists of things to do :) Im a note person 😅 I have notes all over the house reminding me of things!LOL!
Hope all is well dear!😘

Oh wow. Big change. I have struggled with this in the past so I know how it feels (although not the kids part).

Having lived in several different countries now, there's advantages and disadvantages to living in various places, and for me the key is focusing on the good stuff of where I am, not pining for the stuff I left behind. Good luck! Sorry I won't get to meet you at a Brisbane meet-up sometime in the future.

@choogirl youre definitely right. Setting your mind on the positive always helps. Its just that saying goodbye is never easy, especially when you get so attached to people and you know you're probably never going to see them again :(
But yes, Im trying to stay as positive as I can :) Who knows, maybe well return and live here again!😅

This seems to be a popular theme these days of being stuck; I have no answers to it myself...

@wales Neither do I 😆

Oh no 😐🤗😐🤗

Where is back home btw?

Travel safe!

My parents live in Israel @thekitchenfairy🤗

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