REBUILDING | Day one was fun!

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Start as you mean to go on

Well yesterday turned out to be enjoyable! I had a great time visiting the two posts and finding out more about @stevenwood and @makowrites, not to mention I stumbled into the PYPT show with the @steemitramble yesterday too and spoke to some familiar faces. Very nice to hear from people again!

First things first

I've got two more posts to visit today by @xcountytravelers and @krazypoet, both of which I'll be taking the time to dig deeper into this evening. As well as that, I'm also going to be checking out the comments in @stevenwood's post from yesterday. There are a bunch of excellent replies in that comment section.

If you'd like to visit the posts with me you can find the links below to them.

@xcountytravelers - To Fix The Welcome Problem!

@krazypoet - Wildfires

@stevenwood - Falling In Love With Steem All Over Again...And this time...It's Personal! AKA The Perils And Sad Cost Of Under-Engaging

Any improvements?

If you're following along and considering leaving me some brutal criticism, don't consider it, just do it! It's all appreciated. Any tips on planning, questions I should consider when recording, types of content I should visit, what tasks should I set...

I'll also be making some better graphics and I'll format these posts a little better over the weekend. Maybe a task for tomorrows video.

See you tomorrow!

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Awww, thank you! Really appreciate the love.

Thanks brother, i appreciate your shoutout and hope your efforts go well and noticed by the community, keep up the awesome work with the videos.

Thanks for all the support guys California is experiencing some very heart breaking tragedies, over 600 missing 60+ confirmed deaths and unhealthy air for most of the state, full towns and neighborhoods just gone. Water in some areas of the burn has to be boiled if you have running water, its like a 3rd world country in some of the most prominent places like malibu, i personally know 6 who lost homes and 2 family friends that died last friday from just the woosley fire, and there are worse ones up north. If you cant help at least be aware something bigger then we are is happening to places everywhere, natural disasters are more frequent and destructive then ever before.

Hey do you also post to dtube?, that would be nice to do both and get support both ways...
anyway thanks again my friend

Be Safe And Be WEll

I am unsure how I didnt realize there was a video! Goodness, i must be having a crazy day.

I really like what you are doi g. I hope you get some good responses to @krazypoet post.

Oh yes thank you for that , be well friend

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You are welcome. I do hope it rases much money and support.

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