A funeral for a bee! (Ulog #3)

in ulog •  5 months ago

Sometimes (often), my older daughter gets some strange ideas in her head. She's pretty creative and will make lots of stuff with her craft things. I enjoy see what she comes up with, especially since I'm not crafty at all and I am always astounded by her (and every kid's) imagination!


My ID bracelet

For instance, when her school class went on an excursion last month, all the kids got a bracelet with contact details in case of disaster. When she got back, she was raving about these bracelets and how cool they were and how they would let any stranger that found them to let the teacher know that they were found! That weekend, she decided that all of our family would need an ID bracelet in case we every got lost.

And so, she made the bracelets (in the photo above) for each of us. It had our address on it, just in case we got lost, then someone would be able to take us back home. Or rob our house...

She also said it was really important for me, as I travel a fair bit. Just in case I wasn't able to find my way back home....


Today, she found a dead bee and decided that she needed to cheer it up. So, she made a little bed for it, and said that she was being really careful not to make it more dead. Fair enough, can't argue with crazy... So, she crafted this cute little bed for her new still friend. Which was quite mordbidly nice...

... and so now, we have this mausoleum in our living room, in memory of this bee.


I'm wondering how long it is going to stay there until it gets forgotten about. Or more likely, when she goes to school, it will handily go missing and never talked about again!


Oh yes, and today was Father's Day in Netherlands! Happy Father's Day to everyone! I'm so happy to have my funny little girls, they are both strange and lovely in their own special and unique ways!

The younger one does a mean dance to some Kinderen voor Kinderen songs!

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Happy Fathers Day @Bengy . Kids are great . They always bring a smile to one's face

Congrats on your standing (League) great job


Thanks! The League came as a surprise, I didn't really realise I was still lurking in that!


Its like the Mob . once your in your familey and can't get out

Kids, sometimes I'm unsure if they are just too kind.

It was Father's Day here in the States today as well.


Yes, they can be overwhelmingly naive, but it is good to be like that for a while!

Omg, your daughter sounds amazing and beautiful both inside and out. I love the ID bracelets and the funeral for the bee is super cute. Gotta love kids. All the fun stuff we have to look forward too.


Have you found the little one yet? Last time I checked, you were just enjoying a last moment of freedom!

Remember the good moments, they help you through these ones...



haha thanks for the reminder, we have had him for a few days now, he is awesome when smiling and giggling, not so much when being super temperamental or grumpy which is every second day or so, so we have a win and then a wtf have we done, lol... I think the win's will outweigh the wtf moments but I think both are part of parenting lol...


Yes, the most frustrating part is that the kids switch suddenly from one mood to the other. Meanwhile, you (the parent) are still in kill the child mood...


Haha, we are getting this super fast. He goes from flipping out to laughing... we are still dealing with the bruises from the flip out.

I understand how interesting it would be to have a conversation on these topics with your kids. I believe these things will help the kids grow intellectually stronger. Nice article. Cheers!


Ha, Yes, it is always funny but interesting with the topics they come up with!

Happy Father's Day! That was a funy sad story. My doughter she's almost 3yo have almost the same habbits picking up strange things from the ground. ;))

Have a great day!

Ha, Yes they are always collecting stuff. Many pockets full of rocks have gone into the washing machine...


I've got a 10 year old daughter that has a lot of the same tendencies when it comes to bugs and animals. We are now a "no kill" zone for bugs and such, we catch and release, doesn't matter what it is if it is inside , we have to relocate it. We haven't had funerals yet for dead bugs but it may happen at some point.


:) Give them time....


Oh yes, is too. And she is also starting to question why we have to eat meat. Whilst stuffing her face with ham, which is apparently different...

That was a cute story. :) Happy Fathers Day bengy.


Ta, it was a great day!

Happy Fathers Day. RIP Bee


Ha ha. There was no causal link, purely co-incidence!

Happy Father's Day! Aren't kids amazing?? I love the stuff they come up with! The bracelets are so sweet as is the bee 'tomb' too...shows what a sweet and caring heart she has.


Yes, she is pretty good with that. I always love seeing what she comes up with. Proud dad!


You should be @bengy! Little girls who are loved and supported by great dads, grow up to be very secure woman!

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I think your daughter is a sweetheart and I think it's wonderful that you respect her compassion for the bee. That's where it starts, respect for life (or in this case death). But dignity for all things great and small. Really nice story and pictures. You should have a great Father's day with that daughter.


Thanks, yes showing dignity is a good start. I hadn't thought of that! Respect for others is really something important to a society.

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A belated happy Father's Day @bengy! Love the story about the bracelets. I honestly wish I'd documented more of these kinds of activities with my 11 year old, they're so characteristic of the individual kid's personalities XD. I still do have notebooks with random funny or insightful things he said as a small child. Somewhere :)


They are completely crazy little things! But yes, they are quite individual, I think the second one is going to be completely different!


lol definitely, I think so too!