ULOG #6: Challenging Myself to Write - Day 5.

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"Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show." - Anonymous

Day 5. List 5 places you want to visit.

Growing up, I got used to moving around. We've moved to 4 different addresses until the time my parents finally purchased our own home. So, I'm pretty much accustomed to getting familiar and comfortable in a new place at such a short time. Maybe the fact that my parents always had us travelling with them to their hometowns helped. My mother is from Cabagan, Isabela and my father is from Ilocos Sur but grew up in Baguio. Our school breaks were mostly spent travelling to North. Yeah, both of them were from the North but their love story started in Laguna. So, that's another place we used to go to too.

When I was finally able to travel alone. I've gone to places I wanted to be. Sometimes with my friends but, mostly alone (Yeah, yeah... Introvert alert!). I enjoyed long bus rides and the feeling of being a stranger in a certain place. The fear of getting lost and screwing up, those made me a better traveller (and person).

Now that I have a family of my own, I also want to instill in them the joy in travelling. By the time our youngest was comfortable enough to go to places, we've gone to places where my husband have not gone to before. Baguio, Isabela, Ilocos Norte and Sur, Bataan, etc., John isn't a fan of traveling. He'd rather be at home finishing a level or beating someone in an RPG. But, I keep insisting because travelling is nice and helpful for growing up kids.

Our 2016 trip to Ilocos Norte.

Here are some travel spots we'd like to go to if money and time permits.

  1. New York City. I'm the girl who never sleeps but not because of that. My son has always been in love with this city from the first time he's seen it on Captain America movie. Since then, he's asked me for movies with New York setting. This also explains why Ghostbusters and Home Alone in New York is always on repeat at home.

  2. London, England. Again, because my son saw it on Cars 2. He's always wished to see Big Ben since then.

  3. Costa Rica. Our kids are both animal lovers. Let me rephrase that... Our kids are both exotic animals lovers. They are sharing their rooms with Tarantulas, Pogona Vitticeps, turtles, etc., This place is rich with exotic wildlife. I'm sure John would love this place too! (And might just decide to stay!)

  4. Hawaii. Kiera loves Moana and we all love the waters so, why not?!

  5. Japan. John and the kids are huge fans of Pokemon. Me? Cherry blossoms! Perfect place for us!

This is Day 5 in my attempt to complete the writing challenge I put myself to. You may read about the challenge here.


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