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It was another day in RASFA Group of Schools where Federal Road Safety Corps officials came around to sensitise the whole school community about the right usage of road and right attitude of driving.


Though I'm not a worker of the school, I was within the school premises to visit my friend who is a teacher of the school and the students as well who have once taught about steemit.

The aura was too much when I got to the school as the students welcomed me with so much gladness and anticipating spirit. It was like they've been expecting me for so long. Little did I know that the way and manner with which I took them through the rudiments of steemit and some other basic things was laudable and commendable. They couldn't hide the euphoria as they told me that they like me and wish I could be one of their teachers. I smiled and sighed and promised them to come around whenever I'm available.
As I was in the staff room discussing with my friend, and other teachers, the proprietor of the school came around to tell us that the FRSC officials will be coming and would want us to help in the arrangements of the venue to be used and also coordinate the students for the event. I did not want to join in the arrangement and the programme but he objected that I should join the teachers and help them to do one or two things.

The arrangement was done and the programme kick-started as the proprietor spoke briefly about the reason for the impromptu gathering and beseech everyone there present, both the teachers and the students to listen with rapt attention to the speaker who will take them through the journey of safety living on Road. Before he finished his speech, he recognised me and told everyone that I will be the one to round off the programme immediately the official from FRSC finishes her section.


The official who goes by the name MRS. RABIAT FAWOLE started by praising the school for their effort to nurture the students to become great personalities know future and for giving then the room to share what safety on the road actually means with the students. She also acknowledged the efforts of the teachers and said that what she will be speaking will only complement the classroom teaching their teachers has taught them about safety on the road and road signs.


  1. FRSC was founded in FEBRUARY, 1988 in Nigeria

  2. The major functions of he commission are generally related to
    • Ensuring that the highway is safe for road users.
    • Recommending safety tips, works and devices that can reduce accident on the highway to both the government and citizens
    • Sensitising the motorists and members of the public on the importance of discipline on the highway.

  3. Some Of the responsibilities of the Commission are
    • Preventing or reducing the occurrence of accidents on the highway.
    • Educating road users and other members of the public on the proper use of the highways
    • Removing obstructions on any part of the highways.
    • Producing and issuing of driver's license to the eligible drivers
    • Giving of plate numbers to vehicle after the owner meet the requirements
    • Standardizing the highway traffic codes
    • Exercising Swift attention and immediate care to victims of accidents

  4. Role of children is to remind their parents of the right attitude to be exhibited on the road

  5. The children should be careful and cautious whenever they are using the road, they should not play, they should remain focus and not eat

  6. The children should adopt the system of LRL whenever they want to cross the road which means LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT. They should look left, then right and then left again before they cross

  7. Children should always walk on the left side of the road and face the oncoming vehicle.


She concluded her section by teaching the students two beautiful songs which the lyrics go thus
check your tyre
check your wiper
check your break
to be on safer side, check them all

i will always look left right left
look left right left
i will always look left right left
if I want to cross

Finally, she gave a slogan which is like call and response


After the guest speaker finished her lecture, the students as well as the teachers asked series of questions which she expertly and intelligently answered. She in turn asked questions from the students which they answered as well and everyone was glad that the event was an impacting with no though of time wastage.


After the question and answer section, I was called upon to round off the whole event and I did not waste any time as I quickly went forward to do what I was charged to.
I started by singing the songs the woman taught us and we all danced rhythmically to them. I proceeded to appreciate the FRSC official for coming to sensitise us and also the school management for giving me the opportunity of addressing the students. I added few things to what the woman said and I gave the closing remarks.

The proprietor then dismissed the students and everyone went back to their different duty posts.
I went back to the staff room where I was entertained.
It was indeed a full filled day at RASFA GROUP OF SCHOOLS today.

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