uLog 38 - 9-11 Remembered or Is It?

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Today was the 17th anniversary of the horrific attack on our U.S. neighbors and I'll never forget that day. Have you?

I'm disappointed that slowly, year by year, this day is slipping from our community consciousness and fading into the background. Remembering the past is sometimes the only way to change the future. And it is the only way we can truly honor those who died and those who risked their lives to help others.

There are so many conspiracy theories about what happened on 9-11 and who was responsible but that doesn't matter to the families of the victims. And it doesn't matter to me when I think about the horror of watching those planes destroy thousands of lives.

This day changed us all in so many ways. Please, take a few minutes and really think about how 9-11 changed our world. After you've done that, I challenge you to write about it. Tell the world your feelings and most importantly:

Never Forget

Until next time friends...

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My opinion might be skewed, but I don't perceive that event's slipped away from our consciousness. At least here in the US, one can hardly look/do/listen on 9-11 without some reminder, some ceremony, some remembrance being held. So, it doesn't seem to be forgotten. Although we do well to remember it, I choose not to write about it because of the dicey political situation in this country; few in this area take kindly to the ramblings of an old woman, especially when she believes in extending fairness, tolerance, and kindness into the political arena.

Yes, you are right. But unfortunately, most of the time, when I hear 9-11 being referred to there is usually a political agenda attached to it. Is that possibly why there weren't more articles and remembrance of 9-11 today around the world?

Undoubtedly. The people running this country presently have, sadly, made even more of the world hate us than ever before. And those who don't hate us think we are fools.

I think this video says it all

God Bless.


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thanks for this post, @artemis

It was and is, important to remember the significant sacrifice of so many.