ULOG 009: My Teardrops Arts/Dotted Pen Drawing

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Tears in Dotted Pen Drawing

This is my first Attempt in Teardrops Drawing in dotting style. It takes two hours and more for this simple teary eye drawing!

Before I started the dotting, a pencil is layered first then I start at the center, the eye!

Here in this right image, you can see the pencil as a guide and the rest will play on dotting.

I used a sign pen, 0.5 mm DY-005

Then continue dotting down the whole pupil.

Dotting is time consuming and I guess it is also good for reflection. While I dotted in this area of the eyes, my imagination fly beyond and I kinda reflecting on my life.

  • A detailed dotting below and forming the light and heavy area to form eye lashes!

  • I skip a lot in taking photo because in my mind I want to finished it. Two hours dotting makes my eyes heavy wanting me to sleep.

As the image above, I complete the whole eye and tears droping!

My Teardrops Arts/Dotted Pen Drawing

The finished Teary Eyed dotted pen drawing.
in support of @surpassinggoogle Teardrops SMT

  • My name is presented here!
    dated today; 7/28/2018
    supporting the coming teardrops SMT

Photos were captured with 16 MP CM Smartphone!

Sepia Photograph

Aqua Photograph

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giphy (1).gif


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nindot man cja sir, eapil dy ni nmus doodle contest?


siguro sa next nlang,

i use to love stippling assignments in school. nice.

Taray sir albert my talent ka din pla sa drawing hehe..Dahil dyan may jacket ka hehe...

nice work and effort to put up such an indescribable drawing
i think that was really a great talent that was just exhibited there
good work keep it up.i wish to view some of such some time again

This is the masterpiece of an accomplished artist. You have worked hard to make it. We congratulate you for this good work.

I just joined this plateform. please help me, thanks ..
By @nikova47.