ULOG # 5: My daily life - Festival holidays plan

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A busy day has gone throw today. It was our last day at office before Eid holidays. Almost the employees were came by ready to start journey from office directly. When it was 2 P.M. the half of employees were already gone and within 1 hour remain only 5% of employees in office. I planed to go early today but i stacked with a client's salary process. Me and one of my senior colleague was working. After 2 hours of work we finished the task and go off to office.

My colleague will go to him home town which is 7-8 hours road journey, he got late for work. But still he had to go for his town. Whatever the situation is we Bangladeshi people are very much fond to stay Eid holidays time with our parents. So we sacrifice those hard work and trouble in time of travel. Many people are awaiting for Bus, Train. This time we face problem with vehicles and too much traffic jam.

But nothing matters to us because people have to go for the attraction of love, affection :)


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