Oil Refinery & residential area "CONTINUOUSLY" shelled by Ukraine Forces

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I have translated the statements of the Ukraine War "Rebel" (DPR) JCCC Members about the
OIL REFINING PLANT AND RESIDENTIAL SECTOR OF DOCUCHAEVSK CONTINUOUSLY DESTROYED BY (UKRAINE FORCES) AFU FIRE DESPITE THE CEASEFIRE. In many of my other reports I have shown how this town is shelled by Ukraine Forces. You will never fined this in the MSM but it is fact

"Representation of the DPR in JCCC
February 07, 2018

On February 1 at 9:45 (Moscow time) and on February 5 at 14:35 (Moscow time), the AFU shelled the residential sector and the industrial zone of the settlement Dokuchaevsk as previously reported.

The facts of these attacks were investigated by the Representation of the DPR in the JCCC and in the negotiation process. As the result of these attacks such objects were damaged:

  • a five-storey residential building at Tsentral'naya st. 91 (the foundation of the building was damaged);

  • a five-storey residential building at Polevaya st. 5, ap. 113 (the wall of the building, the angle of the bearing wall, the balcony glazing and covering, the air conditioner were damaged);

  • a five-storey residential building at Polevays st. 5, ap. 119 (the balcony glazing and the corner balcony paneling were damaged).





Civil motor transport also fell under the firing

  • a passenger car VAZ 2106 located at Tsentral'naya st. 97 (rear window, trim and heating system were damaged).

The damage caused only to the residential sector and the car amounted to more than 30 000 russian rubles

The assessment of damage to the Dokuchaevsky Oil Refinery is currently ongoing.

The representation of the DPR in the JCCC and in the negotiating process always informs the Mission's observers about the facts of shelling by the AFU, however, SMM patrols do not always arrive in the place for fixation. From the beginning of 2018 until now the OSCE representatives have arrived just for fixing 2 facts of shelling.

The statements of the Ukrainian side on the commitment to maintaining the armistice reached within the framework of the Minsk negotiation process, as well as the interest in restoring the infrastructure of the Donbass, do not handle criticism. Dokuchaevsk since the beginning of the "New Year" armistice, which started on December 23, 2017:

The total number of AFU ammunition launched into the city was 1148 units (144 were released from the weapons banned by Minsk agreements).

Another evidence will be the video and photo materials of damage and destruction in the territory of the Dokuchaevsk oil refinery caused by the AFU fire for the entire period of the military aggression of the Kiev government:












I ask that you follow me and watch my reports with an open mind. Do not trust only the MSM or anyone over thinking for yourself. I show you the information the MSM wont. Research and decide for yourself.


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